quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011


Para completar a informação anterior, segue aqui um recado especial aos amantes do M38, pois o mesmo "livreiro" que me passou a "Dodge de Emily Becker", também está disponibilizando versões autografadas do que chama AAW do M38 eh eh eh
E Jeep-Bantam-Willys-Ford de EmilyBecker também voltou a prateleira, obra bem difícil de ser achada...

Eis a mensagem (em inglês)
Just a quick note to let you all know, we have a few new books in stock and a few that have been out of stock for a while, are now back in stock! So please visit our website today to see more! www.jeepworld.co.uk
For those of you still looking for the M38 Jeep Reference guide book, that we sold out of! Well we now have a limited amount back in stock - And they are 'Signed' copies too - So grab a copy while you can?

The Jeep and Dodge books by Emile Becker are back in stock (but in limited numbers) So grab a copy while we have some?

Also for overseas book orders, please note that Royal Mail have now added 20% VAT to overseas postage.
So we are afriad that in early March 2011 we will have to put our overseas charges up too! So order soon, before we do! Sorry, its not down to us. 

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