domingo, 15 de maio de 2011


We just finished a new adventure, arriving from Pirassununga (SP), after celebrate for the first time ever, Cavalry Day on "13 Regimento de Cavalaria Mecanizada". Was great, but we felt a lack of presence from the local people. We can study what is happening, but we are afraid that National Defense are not going fine with new budget for 2011 and far ahead.

Anyway, we took some pictures and spent some time with our friends around. Carlos, from Jundiaí, was there, with his magnific M4 Sherman Tank from World War II, fully restored.

We are still missing "Colonna della Libertá 2011", after those wonderful days around Felonica, Mantova and Verona. I had lucky enough to get an article from Marco C Spinosa, and after some edition and formating it, I let it public on internet. It is in portuguese only, and in PDF format, but if you have chance to translate by any means, can be very interesting.

To read Spinosa's article, talking about a Dodge WC52 rescuing big DUKW, go to:

To see some pictures about Cavalry Day (May 14), open

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